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Crypto Theft Investigation

Stolen Customer Funds

Has cryptocurrency been stolen from your account?

Our law firm is investigating cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms that have implemented flawed security protocols, resulting in thieves stealing customers’ cryptocurrency funds. Our firm represents consumer victims in these sorts of theft cases.

Some examples of flawed security protocols on crypto exchanges and other platforms include not requiring their users to use two-factor authentication, allowing a user to change two-factor authentication with only email confirmations, and not implementing systems to identify fact patterns that are highly indicative of fraud and freezing accounts.

Many victims have contacted our firm alleging that their cryptocurrency was stolen due to the grossly negligent conduct of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. Others have reported problems with their exchange’s or platform’s customer service ignoring customers’ frantic notices that their cryptocurrency funds had been stolen and generally not taking any responsibility for their failed security protocols.

If you have had your cryptocurrency stolen from your account, we want to talk to you, as you may be interested in fighting back to get compensated for your loss.

Please contact us below and let us know:

  • When (approximately) you signed up for your account;
  • When and how much of your funds were stolen (specify the type of cryptocurrency);
  • Do you know what security protocol may have failed, leading to the theft?
  • Has the exchange or platform provided you with details about how your cryptocurrency was stolen? If yes, please let us know.
  • In what state do you reside? Where did you reside when you signed up for your account?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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