Practice Area

Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets

At Rome LLP, our intellectual property attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients protect their IP and take aggressive action when IP infringement and disputes arise.

The vast majority of notable startups in recent years have intellectual property as their primary assets, and content creators such as developers, designers, artists, writers, filmmakers, and other creative entrepreneurs must protect their intellectual property to economically thrive and see their businesses grow. Because of this, many companies face existential threats when faced with either litigation threats over IP or infringement of IP, and it is important that they work with experienced IP counsel in aggressively responding.

When your IP appears to be in danger of infringement, it is important to take swift, aggressive action to protect your interests before further damage occurs. Our IP attorneys have the experience and skills to jump into action at a moment’s notice to quickly ascertain the potential threats to your IP and decisively take action in the form of assertive communication/negotiation with offending parties and third-party facilitators as well as forceful litigation tactics and strategies. We work with clients across industries in resolving IP disputes, and have significant experience working on behalf of clients in the apparel, software, online content, and domain industries in addressing trademark, copyright, and trade secret issues.

Protecting Your Property:

The IP attorneys at Rome LLP will work with you to:

  • Aggressively respond to allegations made by competitors and other third parties regarding copyright, trademark, and trade secret violations made by your business or its employees
  • Rapidly assess whether threats to your IP exist, in the form of trademark dilution, copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, or other risks
  • Take focused and effective legal action to pursue all parties either infringing on your IP or facilitating its devaluation through emergency measures as well as forceful litigation tactics
  • Obtain decisive results on behalf of you and your company to protect your IP in the form of settlements, injunctions, and money damages at trial

Our Results

  • Defended countless copyright infringement and trademark infringement claims in both a brick-and-mortar and the online digital space.  
  • In online disputes, we have obtained dismissals at both the pleading and summary judgment stages by arguing various “safe harbors” (pathways to avoid liability) afforded to internet service providers via the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and the DMCA.
  • On the plaintiff side, we prosecuted a complex copyright action in connection with source code designed to power a 3D printing process.  Following extensive briefing and discovery, the case was resolved with a significant payment to the plaintiff
  • In an art-related dispute between an art promoter and an artist, our lawyers took the case over from a major national firm, refiled the case originally pleaded as a breach of contract as a new Federal action for copyright infringement and within weeks obtained an injunction prohibiting sales of new works.  The case settled shortly thereafter.
  • In a domain-related trademark dispute, procured an injunction ordering a transfer of the claimed infringing domain through an infrequently applied “no notice” ex parte application aimed at preventing cyberflight by the defendant