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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Rome LLP offers sophisticated and knowledgeable legal counsel to clients navigating this rapidly evolving space. At the heart of Rome LLP’s cryptocurrency and blockchain practice is a deep understanding of the technologies that drive blockchain and related developments in distributive computing networks.

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies and the encrypted, decentralized blockchain protocol that underpins them have grown from abstract theories to a transformational force that is disrupting the way many industries will operate for decades to come.

Decentralized ledger technology and smart contracts could ultimately reshape many industries, including financial services, intellectual property, logistics and supply chain, the internet of things, energy, health care, insurance and the sharing economy.

The landscape for financial products and services integrating blockchain technology is evolving rapidly. As the technology and IP in this space evolve, so do scams and fraudulent offerings. The attorneys at Rome LLP are particularly well-placed to serve both investors and inventors in this space. We have represented aggrieved investors in fraudulent token offerings as well as inventors who have created new products in this evolving space.

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