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FTC Enforcement Action Defense

The attorneys of Rome LLP have significant experience in helping businesses respond to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) inquiries, and will pursue all available legal strategies to defend your business’ interests in addressing Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) that have been served on your company as well as any other threatened actions by the FTC.

How a business responds to an FTC enforcement action or inquiry is critically important, and often more crucial to the business’ success than the underlying business practice at issue. Our FTC enforcement action defense attorneys will take all necessary steps to work with your business to respond to FTC inquiries and demands in a way that asserts your business’ positions in the best light possible and leads toward long-term, positive resolutions of any FTC matters your business is facing.

By working with outside counsel from the first sign of an FTC inquiry, your business will have experienced representation to navigate all aspects of overcoming the obstacles and risks presented by such an inquiry, including responding to CIDs, attempts to freeze assets, administrative lawsuits filed by the FTC, and related reputational risks. We focus on early intervention in FTC matters to limit liability and get ahead of all relevant issues, aggressive litigation and defense methods to contain business and legal risks associated with potential temporary restraining orders (TROs) and preliminary injunctions, and work towards an early and favorable settlement structure. In addition, we also provide aggressive representation to companies facing inquiries from state Attorneys General offices.

Assisting Clients In FTC Matters:

The FTC defense attorneys at Rome LLP will work with you to:

  • Effectively respond to FTC CIDs in a manner designed to contain and limit liability, guided by our significant experience in working with the FTC
  • Litigate CIDs to limit the scope of the inquiry and to present all available defenses in responding to a CID
  • Defend your business in all FTC enforcement actions, including administrative lawsuits and appeals in federal court
  • Provide ongoing counsel to your business to maintain compliance with FTC standards and reduce the risk of regulatory enforcement complications

Our Results

  • Our attorneys have defended advertisers, affiliate networks, lead generation companies, payday lenders and others from actions by the FTC
  • In key matters, our lawyers were able to assist with early intervention on behalf of clients before the FTC commenced legal action and implemented an asset freeze.  Clients were able to continue their business and settle claims levied by the FTC prior to the commencement of the case
  • Responded to numerous CIDs, each time doing so in a strategic manner designed to insulate clients from unwarranted inquiry and excessive scope of demands
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