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Rome LLP begins 2013 with a $1.3 million judgment.

In a matter entitled Namecheap, Inc. v., et al., the attorneys at Rome LLP initiated an action against 46 domain names infringing Namecheap’s marks, the registrants of the domain names and individuals monetizing said domains. On January 3, 2013, California Central District Court Judge Gary A. Feess entered judgment in Namecheap’s favor, finding each domain and related registrant liable for $50,000 in statutory damages for a total of $1,300,000. Further, Judge Feess entered an injunction against the operators of the domains as well as the registrars, prohibiting further infringement and instructing a transfer of the domains to Namecheap, Inc. pursuant to the in rem provision of the ACPA.

Rome LLP procures Summary Adjudication of a Claim in a Shareholder Dispute

On January 9, 2013, following two and a half years of highly contentious litigation entailing 3 separate bankruptcies by various defendant parties and the appointment of a receiver over the corporation, the attorneys at Rome LLP secured summary adjudication on behalf of the plaintiff against a defendant competing for a significant stake in the corporation. In addition to securing the entirety of the claimed interest in the subject corporation, Rome LLP further obtained a $443,000 judgment against the defendant challenging the asserted.