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AnnouncementsRome LLP Helps Secure An $800,000 Judgement In Forged Artwork Case

Rome LLP Helps Secure An $800,000 Judgement In Forged Artwork Case

As published in ArtNet News, an $800,000 judgement was successfully issued against French art dealer Gailord Bovrisse over two fake Marc Chagall paintings he sold.

Working with David Steiner who represented Opera Gallery, Eugene Rome played an integral role in the case after substituting into the case as co-counsel.  His role including advising on case strategy and providing litigation support. Mr. Rome also assisted with discovery and deposition strategy, which led to a comprehensive inquiry into the law firm representing Bovrisse. The deposition of a law firm representative revealed that the woman representing Bovrisse, Nathalie A. Biju-Duval, is not a licensed lawyer. Biju-Duval and her law firm, Rubin Associates, have since been named as related defendants in the case.

The case stems from an interaction in July 2014, when Opera Gallery and Najell Investments, a Cyprus-based art investment firm, each agreed to pay Bovrisse $400,000 for two Chagall paintings. After the money was wired, Bovrisse informed each buyer that the paintings were fake and that he had no intention of refunding their money.

The ruling, which partially granted the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgement, was issued on July 28, 2015 in the Central District of California, U.S. District Court. Mr. Rome’s work will ensure that the plaintiffs receive the $800,000 payment owed to them.

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