Practice Area

Supplements And Nutraceuticals

Supplements and nutraceuticals are a booming business for retailers in the U.S. and around the world, but they are also an increasingly significant focus for the FTC in bringing actions against suppliers and retailers.

The attorneys of Rome LLP have extensive experience in representing businesses of all sizes in responding to actions brought by the FTC. We bring this experience to bear in aggressively representing the interests of businesses in the supplements and nutraceuticals space before the FTC, including issues related to the manner in which products are advertised to consumers and packaging/labeling claims about the contents and/or benefits of our clients’ products.

Whether your business is responding to an FTC CID, engaged in an ongoing dispute with the FTC, or is seeking to structure its practices to avoid future liability from either the FTC or customers, our experienced attorneys will work with you to take steps to decisively respond to both present FTC risks and avoid future issues. We have been able to achieve great success in responding to and resolving FTC matters before they are able to inflict lasting damage on our clients’ finances and reputation, especially when our services are retained at the earliest stages in order to coordinate and oversee responses to the FTC and negotiate favorable settlements to investigations.