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ACPA Claims And Defenses

One of the primary legal strategies for taking action against cybersquatters and other parties who threaten digital intellectual property is through the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Action (ACPA).

The IP attorneys of Rome LLP have significant experience and litigation skills in both pursuing factually complex and precedent-setting ACPA claims against third parties and in providing defense to ACPA claims brought by others. Through bringing or defending against an ACPA claim, we can protect your company’s digital properties and either pursue monetary damages on your behalf or protect you from liability exposure in defending an ACPA suit.

Few firms have the technical background and sophisticated legal understanding to authoritatively manage, pursue, and resolve ACPA claims as Rome LLP. If your company’s domain name properties are threatened by a third party that appears to be profiting off of your trademarks through similar domain names or other digital properties, our attorneys can work with you to assess your legal options in pursuing an ACPA claim, and, if determined to be appropriate, aggressively pursue legal action through an ACPA claim to recover your property and maximum financial damages, which can include an in rem action to take control of property where the offenders are operating in a distant jurisdiction.