Domain Theft

When another party takes or attempts to take your business’ domain – either for ransom, outright theft, or any other reason – your response should be to take decisive legal action to defend your digital property and obtain any financial recovery that is owed to you.

The domain name litigation attorneys at Rome LLP work with business entities to take quick, aggressive action against parties that engage in domain theft. Because we have extensive experience in litigating all types of domain name litigation matters, we have the skills and resources to immediately identify/locate offending parties and take forceful legal action designed to retrieve your property recover all damages.

If another party has taken your domain name or at least attempted and/or threatened to do so, it is often critical to work with your own experienced, private counsel in taking responsive action rather than waiting on regulators who may not have the motivation or resources to sufficiently respond. When you retain the services of our domain litigation attorneys, we will take swift action to fully investigate and assess the situation, and then promptly take the necessary enforcement steps. This can include filing suit against defendants under the ACPA or pursuing other state and federal laws with the goal of recovering your domain quickly, deterring future misconduct, and winning maximum compensation for your damages.