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ISO/Payment Facilitators/Processors Agreements

The prime strategy by which businesses in the electronic payment processing arena can minimize liability and maximize their rights in potential disputes is to create agreements with other parties which effectively protect their interests now and into the future.

The electronic payment processing attorneys at Rome LLP have the experiences, resources, and skills to provide effective counsel to all relevant parties in negotiating, drafting, and finalizing payment processing agreements which put our clients’ interests first. With over a decade of experience in litigating payment processing disputes, we know what protections your business needs and how to guarantee those protections via a durable agreement.

Whether you are seeking a new agreement to be drafted by our attorneys, assistance in negotiating and/or editing an agreement already under consideration, or desire counsel in interpreting and/or potentially modifying an agreement already in place, the attorneys of Rome LLP can achieve outstanding results on your behalf. Our ability to create effective agreements is grounded in our extensive experience of successfully litigating payment process matters on behalf of merchants, processors, ISOs, and others, on both the prosecution and the defense side. Based on our deep understanding of the comprehensive legal and business risks your business faces, we will work to finalize agreements that effectively anticipate all such risks.