Practice Area

Reserves Recovery, Domestic And International

One of the most heavily litigated areas in electronic payment processing is in reserves recovery.

Oftentimes, banks, other financial institutions, or related parties will demand large reserves be held in place – especially in the context of “high risk” merchants – and recovering those reserves can be a challenging legal endeavor. The payment processing dispute attorneys at Rome LLP, however, have achieved great success on behalf of clients in the U.S. and around the world in recovering reserves owed to them, as well as additional penalties and other forms of financial recovery owed to our clients due to the improper retention of their reserves.

As one example of our recent success in this area, the attorneys of Rome LLP successfully pursued reserves recovery actions on behalf of several high-risk merchants against major U.S. banks and payment processors, which had improperly retained the reserves. We were able to recover the entirety of our clients’ reserves and, in several instances, we obtained penalty payments as further compensation for the banks and processors’ conduct.

Whether you are a merchant or other party to a potential reserves recovery claim, our attorneys will bring our sophisticated understanding of cross-border reserves recovery and aggressive litigation tactics to bear in seeking a favorable outcome on your behalf.