Practice Area

Partnership Disputes

Disputes between partners can arise at any stage of a partnership’s life cycle – from formation of the partnership to conducting ongoing business to dissolution of the partnership – and the business litigation attorneys of Rome LLP have the experience and resources to effectively represent the interests of partners and other relevant parties in any type of partnership dispute.

Our attorneys represent both individual partners in disputes to resolve issues related to protection of contributions and profits while limiting liability and exposure, and we also represent the partnership entities as well in successfully resolving litigation with outside parties.

When you work with the legal team at Rome LLP, we will immediately assess all the relevant issues to determine what your exposure and rights are in a partnership dispute, both with regard to your interest in the partnership itself as well as your potential personal exposure as a partner. Potential types of partnership disputes that our attorneys have the capacity to successfully manage in your favor include: partnership and personal liability for the acts a partner; profit-sharing between partners; financial liability shared between partners; recovering assets from the partnership; disputes with third parties; and protecting party interests in a dissolution/dissociation action.