Practice Area

State And Federal Appeals

A losing outcome for you or your business at the trial court level does not have to be the end of the road in pursuing an outcome that best serves your interests.

The business litigation attorneys of Rome LLP represent individuals, shareholders, partnerships, corporations, directors, officers, and others in seeking improved litigation outcomes through appeals at the state and federal court levels. We regularly represent clients in either petitioning for an appeal or responding to an opposing party’s appeal when the client was represented by another attorney at trial, and we can assert new claims and defenses another attorney may not have seen or been able to effectively assert.

Litigation at the state and federal appeals level often involves complex questions of law surrounding the nature of the claims as well as decisions made by a trial court judge with regard to motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, the admission or denial of specific types of evidence, the sufficiency of the evidence supporting a judgment or verdict, actions by the jury, and/or the amount of damages or other types of relief that may have been awarded. The business litigation attorneys of Rome LLP will scour the trial record to determine what errors were made and aggressively bring all legal arguments to the appeals court’s attention in your appeal or response to an appeal.