Practice Area

Trademark Litigation

Your business’ trademarks are among your most valuable assets, and they are what set you apart from others working in your field.

When other parties infringe on your trademarks through misappropriation or other means, it is in your interests to take decisive action to prevent further damage to your trademark and business interests as a whole, while winning the money damages, injunctions, and other equitable relief your business deserves. The intellectual property attorneys at Rome LLP represent business entities and individuals across the spectrum of industries in aggressively pursuing claims against others who infringe on trademarks while also defending against such claims.

Our attorneys collectively have decades of experience litigating on behalf of businesses in the digital space and thus have the resources and skills to take quick action to assess whether other parties may infringing on your trademark interests anywhere in the world, and, if so, pursue enforcement strategies both in and out of court to curtail the infringement and to win maximum money damages and other remedies. Our attorneys also represent clients outside of the purely digital spectrum in resolving trademark litigation disputes, including working with those in the design, retail, art, film, fashion and other industries where enforcing trademarks is often critical to survival.