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Copyright Registration

One of the most important steps in protecting your business’s intellectual property from both infringements by other parties as well as baseless IP litigation brought against your interests by others is to take the necessary steps to obtain copyright registration for your property which comprehensively protects your interests for years to come.

Because the business litigation attorneys of Rome LLP have such extensive experience in overseeing copyright litigation matters from both an offensive and defensive posture, we have built up a deep understanding of the substantive and procedural requirements for copyright registration that provides lasting security for your intellectual property.

Our attorneys have a sophisticated understanding of copyright registration issues across the spectrum of industries, from technology-based startups and established service providers to those working in fields such as art, design, and entertainment. We understand the obstacles, pitfalls, benefits, and protections of comprehensive copyright registration protection, and we rely on our deep experience in tailoring our approach to meet the long-term needs of your business venture. Waiting to obtain proper copyright registration or working with counsel that does not understand your business or its needs can be a recipe for disaster, but our attorneys will work decisively to obtain the copyright registration protection you need.