Practice Area

Copyright Litigation

As we go further and further into the digital age, business fortunes are increasingly won and lost on the ability of a business entity to both protect their copyrights from infringement by parties domestically and around the world, as well as in fending off often-baseless litigation threats from other parties regarding copyright infringement.

The business litigation attorneys of Rome LLP have extensive experience in working with established companies and startups alike in defending the value of their intellectual property – and often the existence of their business – through taking decisive action in response to copyright infringement and in protecting our clients against such claims.

Copyright infringement cases can act as a powerful drain on a business entity’s resources, whether in pursuing or defending a claim, and it is often critical to take early, decisive action at the first sign of a potential claim to limit negative consequences while maximizing the chances for a positive resolution. By working with the experienced copyright litigation of Rome LLP as early as possible in a potential dispute, we can take swift action to evaluate the status of your IP protections, assess the potential outcomes available, and aggressively pursue all litigation strategies on your behalf to win the outcome that protects your interests for the long-term.