Practice Area

Trademark Registration/Prosecution

To maximize your business interests while protecting yourself from IP infringement or false claims of infringement leveled at you, it is important to make sure that you obtain comprehensive and effective trademark registration for all of your intellectual property which can and should be trademarked.

The intellectual property attorneys at Rome LLP have extensive experience in litigating trademark disputes on behalf of companies across the spectrum of industries, and they bring this experience to bear in working with clients to obtain the full, comprehensive trademark registration protection their companies need, as well as in prosecuting those trademarks.

Whether your business is currently evaluating whether and what trademark protection it needs or is evaluating its grounds for bringing a claim on an existing trademark or its liability in a threatened trademark action by another party, our attorneys have the experience, skills, and resources to help protect your interests. Relying on our vast experience in litigating and managing trademark-related risk, we will evaluate your intellectual property assets to determine what trademarks should be sought, effectively take all steps to obtain trademarks that provide valuable protection for your business, and aggressively prosecute any infringement on your trademarks, both now and in the future.