Practice Area

Trade Secret Litigation / Injunctions

The attorneys of Rome LLP work vigorously on behalf of clients across industries in pursuing claims for theft of trade secrets, obtaining injunctions against parties who would use our clients’ trade secrets, and recovering money damages.

We also act on behalf of clients in responding to threats of trade secret lawsuits and injunctions to preserve business continuity while minimizing potential liability and other expenses and interruptions. Having advised and represented companies in resolving trade secret disputes both in and out of the courtroom around the world, we have extensive experience in reaching decisive and advantageous outcomes for our clients in trade secret disputes.

Trade secrets include information and intellectual property that goes above and beyond the scope of copyright and trademark law, and can include information such as formulas, algorithms, internal testing and reporting data, plans for future and past designs and services, customer lists, personnel information, and so on. When you work with Rome LLP, our attorneys can take action to assess your trade secrets, evaluate your existing trade secret protections, investigate the potential theft of trade secrets, and employ aggressive litigation strategies in either prosecuting or defending against trade secret claims and/or requests for injunctions.